Slot themed online scratchcards

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Thursday 21 July 2011 10:33 pm

There’s always something new to report about in the world of lottery scratch games. More and more Online Casino software developers seem to adapt existing Slot games into exciting and rewarding online scratchcards. The latest adaptations are Kong – 8th Wonder of the World and Iron Man 2. (more…)

Online scratchcards for the ladies

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Thursday 14 July 2011 2:59 am

There’s a band new and exciting online scratch card game that’s, unlike a football scratch card, perfectly suited for the classy lady player. Dress Up Diva – This entertaining flash scratch card game combines a classic online slot game with a dress up game. This is a truly new approach in the world of lottery scratch games. (more…)

How to play online scratchcards

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Tuesday 3 May 2011 4:27 am

Playing flash scratch card games, online scratchcards is like playing a regular scratch card made out of cardboard. You use a coin (in this case a ‘virtual’ coin), scratch off the panels and reveal the prizes. The only difference you might notice is the different ways to play online scratchcards. You can either scratch off all the available panels one by one, including the multiplier or bonus field (when applicable), or scratch the multiplier field off first. You also have to option to click on the ‘Reveal all’ and you’ll see immediately what you have won. Some lottery scratch games offer more than just the usual 3×3 matrix of scratch panels and they’re played in different ways. Quite frankly, I prefer the one by one scratch off approach; after all, it’s more fun and adds to the excitement, no? One thing is for sure; online scratchcards offer a good chance to win money online.

Free online scratchcards

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Monday 18 April 2011 9:20 pm

There are literally thousands of free flash scratch card sites online. In order to take advantage of those offers make sure to read the terms and conditions beforehand. Some sites that offer lottery scratch cards games free require you to sign-up and open an account or deposit a certain amount of money before you get the bonus.

Personally I strongly recommend checking out the sites with online scratchcards that offer a no deposit bonus. In most cases you’ll get free online scratchcards worth a fifer as well. In this case you can play and try out the scratchcard games for free and keep you winnings, too. No need to deposit more than a tenner or any money at all; especially if you’re a new player. Sign up at a few sites and take advantage of all the bonus and promotion offers.

Online scratch card themes – Fantasy and Adventure

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Tuesday 12 April 2011 3:21 pm

Online scratchcards can boost your imagination with colourful and exciting fantasy & adventure themes. Both themes are the most popular and captivating of all other flash scratch card games. It’s like a role playing game or an adventure trip to distant and exotic places. Fantasy themed scratch cards allow you to go through a portal into a total different world where frightening and different creatures, beasts, magic and heroes are common place.

Adventure themed scratch cards also offer a gaming experience with a twist. Imagine being part of an expedition that explores dark caves, fighting its way through dark and thick jungles searching for ancient and lost civilizations, mysteries and of course rewarding treasures. Most games offer captivating bonus features that add to the fun of playing those adventure scratch cards as well as increasing your winnings! Step into the boots of heroes like Indiana Jones or lead an expedition of Spanish conquistadores and discover the riches.

From cardboard to the web browser

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Wednesday 30 March 2011 9:28 am

Might not be long ago or back in your childhood when you queued up or begged your parents to buy you one of the new lottery scratch games or simply know as scratch cards. Those were the days my friend… Most lotteries still offer them, no doubt about that, but fact is, that they’re now played online as well.

Maybe we’re no longer tempted playing the cardboard versions on scratch card. It’s far more convenient to play online scratchcards, as well as more profitable. The winning odds of an online scratchcard are one in three wins.

This online development also had an impact of how those scratch cards games are being presented and played. Instead of developing software packages for the players to download and to install, 90% or ore online scratch cards are available as flash scratch card, based on Java or Flash technology and they can be played in your web browser.

Online scratch card themes – Football

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Wednesday 23 March 2011 9:17 am

You are football enthusiast and you never miss any game of your home team? Ever thought combining your passion for football AND win a few quid? No, I don’t mean sports betting. I am talking about an exciting way for an instant win playing a scratch card! In case you’re curious, let me introduce you one of the most popular flash scratch card with a twist. (more…)

Online Scratchcards – Poker King

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Wednesday 14 July 2010 1:00 pm

One of the most interesting scratchcards offered by is Poker King. It’s a poker themed online scratch card based on the traditional poker rules. It uses the regular order of the poker hands and leaves the players to make their own choice of luck.
The gameplay is so simple as generally the sctartch games are easy to play. When you purchased your card, you will find 2 cards face up and 5 cards covered on your screen. The aim of the game is create a better poker hand than the dealer with picking 3 of the covered cards. Ifyour hand’s better than the dealer’s, you won and your winnings added to your player account instantly.
Sumarily Poker King is a great online scratchcard game combined with poker offering instant winnings and great chances together with a high degree of interactivity.