Most Memorable Scratchcard Winning

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Wednesday 14 July 2010 10:44 am

There are many different version of scratchcards exist all over the world and played by millions of gamblers day by day. The winning reach from a few euros to a many thousand dollars jackpots, but I think one the most memorable scratchcard winnings is the case of that Ryanair passenger who had eaten his €10.000,- winning scratchcard ticket.
The news launched a few months ago that a lucky passenger of that popular airlines bought a scratchcard ticket on-board and won the €10.000,- jackpot prize. The problem was that the crew of course didn’t took that amount of money with every flight and the man needed to claim the winnings together with a verifying process after going home. Since he could get his money immediately, he got so angry that he’d eaten his winning card.
A simple advice for such cases: if you know yourself a hot-tempered player, it’s better to play scartchards online and your winning will be credited to your account instantly.