More reasons to play lottery scratch card games

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Sunday 29 May 2011 4:06 pm

Gamers and players of the old school or one could call them traditionalists tend to purchase and play their lottery scratch games at their local lottery ticket agent or corner shop. Maybe they online believe in winnings what they can hold physically in their hands. (more…)

Why Online Scratch Cards better than regular ones?

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Wednesday 14 July 2010 11:01 am

Although regular scratch cards have the special feeling offered by the physical scratching-off process of the conatings, we listed a copuple of examples why online scratchcards better than regular ones:

- The first advantage we sould mention is the comfort. You can play online scratchcards from home without going to any lottery. All you need is just a few mouse click on your computer. It’s a really god thing in such hot days, when the air conditioning gives a cool temperature of your room and no one wants to go out to the warm.
- Online scratchcards offer instant winnings. After you purchased the ticket and scratched it off, in case of winning, the prize automatically credited to your player account. No need any complicated verifying process and no waiting time.
- Online scratchcards has a huge variety. While regular scratch-and-win tickets are sold only a few variations, there are a lot of online scratchcards provider who offer hundreds of different scratch games with various themes such as mahjong games and various prices.
- Opportunity to try the games for free. The most of the scratchcard providers offer their games both real-money and play-money version. If you want to try a new game, you have the possibility to play for free and get familiarized without risking your money. Additionally, the best providers, such as offers free cards or no deposit bonuses to play real money games for free! I don’t know about any regular scratchcards sold gratis copies.
- Instant publicity of the winnings. When a winner ticket of a regular scratchcard have been sold, the 99 percen of the cases, no one know about it. THe players keep buying the ticket hoping the winnings of the big jackpot – what never more available. But with online scratchcards you can always check if the jackpot had been won or already avaliable.

You could read only a couple of advantages of online scratchcards above and we’re sure that many more exists. To find them out, try some online scratchcard games for example at