Scratch Card Winning Tips

Posted by admin | | Tuesday 13 July 2010 11:17 am

Although Scratch cards represent a spepcial type of gambling and they are games of luck – there still some tips and strategies exist to improve your winnings and bring the most out of this amazing game playing online.

Play as much cards as possible! The best and easiest way to have better chances to the big win is playing the possible maximum number of scratch cards. Of course it doesn’t mean that you should spend all your money to this kind of scratch games and play over your budget. It means buy cheaper cards if you caouldn’t afford the more expensive ones. Let’s take an example: if you have €20 for playing scratchcards in a month, then don’t play €5 cards! You could buy only 4 cards with that money so you need to be very lucky to win that small number of cards. Playing €1 cards instead you would be able to play 20 scratchcards and you increased your winning chances to 4 times better.

Risk someone else’s money! Could yould imagine that playing with thers money is much more entertaining than risking yours? Before you went and steal your partners credit card we tell you it’s not the good way. Many scratchcard sites offer free money to try theri games. For example offer €5 instant money without any deposit so you can join them and play real money scratchcard games and win real money completely free. Let’s admit: it’s a generous offer: all you need is to do just register a new player acconut and get your €5 instantly to your scratchcards player account!

Always keep your limits! If you don’t have money to play then you couln’t win. Always set up a daily or weekly limit for yourself and don’t let to reach it. Let’s supese that you have €100 to play for a month. That means you can play €25 on a week. If you loose all that money one day, stop playing adn don’t play more on the given week. It ensures that you will not break and always find playing online scratch cards so much fun.

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