Online scratchcards player delighted about winnings

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Thursday 25 August 2011 12:43 pm

The 29th July was a lucky day for an avid flash scratch card player when she realized, shortly after she had scratched off all the virtual scratch panels of the Bill and Ted’s Bogus Adventure scratch card, and noticed the winning combination. The reward: A jackpot worth a whopping £12,500!

The player with the alias ‘Didge’ joined the online scratchcards site three days before her winnings! Yet another proof that one doesn’t have to be a registered member for long before lady luck strikes. The 26 year old glasgowenian lady was of course totally bedazzled and at first couldn’t believe her luck. Revealing the three matching Bill and Ted symbols on the flash scratch card enabled her to hit the jackpot worth £12,500.

Asked about her future plans, ‘Didge’ told the online scratchcards website spokesman, that she always wanted to visit some exotic holiday destinations.

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