Lottery style games – Keno

Posted by admin | Scratchcards | Tuesday 14 June 2011 4:31 pm

Keno is one of the lottery style good games where the players have a ticket with 80 numbers. The players have to bet which of those numbers might come up during a draw or in case of an online keno version, a random number generator selects and shows on the actual screen. Some keno games are also available in the form of online scratchcards.

In some online casino they offer different keno versions as lottery scratch games or a flash scratch card keno version. Another good example of those lottery style games are fictional horse or greyhound races. The player is asked to chose which horse or greyhound (up to three) will come first, second and third. Guessing such a virtual race outcome is fun and entertaining, but the odds can be less favourable than playing online scratchcards.

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