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Posted by admin | | Tuesday 13 July 2010 7:59 pm

  • New Jersey lottery ticket wins $315.3 million Powerball jackpot - A single ticket sold in New Jersey has won the $315.3 million Powerball jackpot in Saturday's drawing, lottery officials announced early Sunday.

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  • Wisconsin woman's lottery winnings withheld by state due to unpaid debts - A Wisconsin woman who won the lottery will not be receiving all her winnings due to thousands of dollars of outstanding debts.

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  • NY lottery winner plans to sue Gaming Commission to keep his $5M winnings a secret - An unemployed father from Norwood, New York, won $5 million from a lottery scratch off ticket he bought April 24 — and he wants to keep the details of his windfall quiet.

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  • OOPS: Phone fraudster tries to scam cop - A phone scammer made a grave error when he dialed Officer Jeff Bowling and attempted to access his personal information last week.

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  • With promise of $1.5m prize, scam artist bilks woman out of nearly $28,000 - Murphy's ship had finally come in. Or so it seemed. She imagined paying off the mortgages of her children and grandchildren and setting up bank accounts for her two little great-grandchildren. Instead, she had been scammed, and her gullibility cost her nearly $28,000.

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